Sheriff: Narcan saves life of woman in Terrace Heights

Sheriff: Narcan saves life of woman in Terrace Heights

YAKIMA -- The Yakima Sheriff's Office says deputies used Narcan spray to save the life of a woman who had accidentally O.D.'d in Terrace Heights Tuesday.

YCSO purchased several cases of single dose Narcan nasal spray in March. Narcan, or naloxone, is a medication that can counteract the effects of opioid drugs and potentially stop an overdose. The sheriff's office says the results can be almost immediate, and lifesaving.

Deputies were trained in how to use the Narcan and every patrol car was supplied with the drug.

Just after 6 p.m. Tuesday deputies responded to an address in the 100 block of S 39th St in the Terrace Heights area. The 911 caller said there was a 46-year-old woman in a house who appeared to be suffering an overdose from prescription pain killers.

The sheriff's office says deputies found the woman barely breathing with a low pulse and foaming at the mouth.

The YCSO says it later learned the woman had been medically treated for an injury and was prescribed an opioid pain killer. It's believed the overdose was unintentional.

The Northwest High Intensity Drug Trafficking area (HIDTA) awarded the sheriff's office a grant, through the local ESD 105. The grant allowed YCSO to buy enough Narcan to equip all deputies, plus several area law enforcement agencies and fire departments.

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