Seniors are more at risk while driving

Seniors are more at risk while driving

YAKIMA, Wash.- An AAA National report revealed that nearly 90% of senior drivers don't make changes to their cars.

State Patrol Trooper Sarah Clasen says they often deal with deadly car accidents that involve older people.

"So quite frequently here in Yakima we do experience fatalities involving senior citizens," said Clasen.

Seniors 65 and over are more than twice as likely to be in a fatal car crash than younger drivers according to AAA National.

"Its sad, but we want to be able to cut that number down and make sure that everyone is getting home safe," said Clasen.

The survey recommends senior drivers purchasing vehicle adaptions like seat cushions, steering wheel covers and hand controls to help improve safety.

Here's a list of inexpensive devices AAA National recommends.

Cushions and seat pads- Improves line of sight and can help reduce back or hip pain.

Multifaceted mirrors - Improves viability and minimizes blind spots.

Pedal extension - Helps drivers obtain a safe distance from the steering wheel and helps visibility.

Steering wheel covers - Improves grip for drivers with arthritis.

Hand controls - Allows driver to perform all vehicle functions without the use of lower extremities.

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