Selah Transit now making their rides free

Selah Transit now making their rides free

SELAH, Wash.- With the City of Selah now partnering with Medstar Transportation, a company who runs their Dial-A-Ride service for the city, they are able to make all their bus services available to the public free of charge.

"No longer do they need a bus pass to ride Selah Transit, and they don't have to pay the two dollars to ride on Dial-A-Ride," said Director of Transportation at Medstar Betsy Dunbar.

City Administrator Don Wayman says before the city was under contract with the City of Yakima for several years. The contract has now expired and they found a private transportation service that's cheaper and also created more bus stop routes within the city that stop at Costco, Winco, Fred Meyers and the Valley Mall.

"We have 15 passenger buses that are basically covering the same route in Selah, but they're hitting other places in Yakima and Union Gap. Places that support shopping and allows them to get to places that we really want them to go," said Wayman.

Two different bus routes start in Selah, one running throughout the city and the other going from Selah through Yakima and Union Gap.

When Selah was under contract with the City of Yakima, Wayman says they were paying nearly $300,000 a year for their services. Now he says with the new contract, they are saving thousands.

"We are looking at saving upwards of eight to ten thousand dollars a month by transitioning to Medstar for our services," said Wayman.

With the extra money the city will use it on improving their bus stops and park and ride areas.

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