Selah School District sheds light on School Bus Safety Awareness Week

Selah School District brings awareness to School Bus Safety Awareness Week

SELAH, Wash. -- Bus drivers, teachers and parents in Selah are bringing awareness to drivers about National School Bus Safety Awareness Week.

Members of the Selah School District chanted and lifted signs in front of King's Row Drive In in Selah Wednesday to bring awareness of school bus safety.

Selah School district bus driver Debbie McGuire says she decided to put this event together because she lost her younger sister to a driver who didn’t stop when her sister tried crossing the street.

McGuire says that during winter time drivers need to be more careful about how they are driving near school zones or near school buses.

“In this time of year its real crucial that they slow down because of the colder weather and the icy roads, deforesting windshields and making sure they have good visibility," said McGuire.

Bus driver Kathy Moore says she has seen people try to pass her even when she has her red lights on and she is picking up kids.

“When the stop paddle is out they by law have to stop if it’s one lane of traffic next to them," said Moore.

McGuire says at a school meeting they were told that the city of Selah is among 10 of the most dangerous cities to drive in the state.

She says during winter it gets darker at an earlier time and kids are not as visible when they’re crossing the streets.

“It’s really important for them to dress in lighter clothes and be more visible," said McGuire.

Kids can also use their cell phone flash light when they’re walking for better visibility.

Parent Krissy Hargroves says she gets worried about her children being in danger and would wish parents would take extra precautions when they are driving near a school bus.

“Just really slow down and pay attention. Even go under the 20 mile per hour speed limit because kids they don’t pay attention," said Hargroves.

McGuire is urging parents to drive slow, watch out for any kids and to be aware of any signs a school bus driver makes.

McGuire says drivers should also remember to never text and drive most importantly when they are driving in an area where there are kids.

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