Selah School District asking people to vote yes on new school builds

Selah School District asking people to vote yes on new school builds

SELAH, Wash. -- Parents and teachers are asking the people of Selah to vote yes for a $45.8 million bond that will help fix their primary school’s overcrowding problem.

Teachers, parents and elementary students went out to the streets in support of the bond that will help build two structures for the kindergarten through second grade students at John Campbell Primary School.

“I want my little sister to have a new school. Vote for Selah schools,” said student Maggy Singletary.

Parent Melissa Singletary says there aren’t enough buildings at the school right now, and the only ones they do have are far away from each other so children have to walk long distances to get to their classes.

“It takes a long time for my child to go across the building back and forth from her classroom to lunch or to a special class and back. In that time she could spend in the classroom learning more,” said Singletary.

District officials said this is one of the largest elementary schools in the state with 850 students so far.

Parent volunteer Amy Peters says the school has been serving the community for 70 years, and it is not only overcrowded; the building has many issues.

She says the building has poor heating and cooling systems, the electrical infrastructure is not updated and the cafeteria and gymnasium are in the same room.

“We have an opportunity right now to pass on a legacy for 800 kids who really would benefit from having 21st learning opportunities, they would benefit from having class sizes that are the right size for them and appropriate learning opportunities for each grade,” said Peters.

The proposed 25-year $45.8 million bond would cost property tax owners about $1.55 per $1,000 of assessed property value.

Peters says the money would be used to build one structure for first and second graders at the existing John Campbell site, and another for the kindergartners near Robert Lince Elementary School.

Both campuses would also get their own cafeteria and gym.

Voters can mail or drop off their ballots at Selah’s City Hall.

Ballots are due April 24.

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