Initial numbers show Selah pool levy falling just short of needed votes to pass

Initial numbers show Selah pool levy falling just short of needed votes to pass.

SELAH, Wash.- $6.2 million -- that's how much money Selah voters approved in 2015 to build a brand-new pool at Wixson Park.

“We already passed the bond and that made sure the pool was going to be built, but we need to make sure we can still run it,” Selah resident Nicholas Poplaski said.

But now there may not be any money to fund operations of that pool as the number of votes needed to pass the levy has fallen short.

Unofficial numbers from the auditor's office show the levy is just under the 60 percent needed to pass.

“We're really close to that 60 percent. There's still a lot of votes out. Our ballot box is still here at city and the ones that were mailed in yesterday have not been counted yet.,” Selah Mayor Sherry Raymond said.

Even though the levy looks like it's not going to pass, members of the Selah Park & Recreation Service Area Board said they're going to open up bids to build a new pool.

So, there may be a brand-new facility built by next year but no money to keep it open.

Which means families could be looking for a different pool to swim in next year.

Families like Poplaski's -- he said his two girls are part of the Selah Dolphins swim team and are basically here every day with how hot it's been.

“With the pool getting ready to be closed down for them to start building the new one, we're trying to take advantage of our swim as much as possible the rest of the week,” he said.

With the pool possibly being closed all of next year, Poplaski said his daughter's swim team may have to move proactive over to the Naches pool.

He voted yes on the levy and hopes more votes come in to make sure his kids can swim close to home.

“I mean we live just down the street. It takes us less than three minutes to get here, so anytime the girls are up for swimming, we're down,” he said.

The numbers are still unofficial. So, things can still change for the Selah pool levy as more votes are counted.

But as of right now, it's up in the air if there will be people swimming in the pool next year.

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