Selah negotiating with new bus service after deciding to drop Yakima Transit

Selah is negotiating with new bus service after deciding to drop Yakima Transit.

SELAH, Wash.- Right now, taking the bus from Selah High School to the Yakima airport would take a couple of transfers and about an hour to get there.

This is one of the reasons Selah’s City Council decided to drop Yakima transit and start negotiating with Medstar Transportation.

“We were satisfied with the internal routes within Selah but what we wanted was a better way to get out folks to the places they want to go,” Selah’s City Administrator Donald Wayman said.

He said going with a smaller bus service like Medstar will give them more flexibility on where people get dropped off.

While the Yakima transit buses do hold more people. Wayman said people in Selah are only using one to two seats at a time.

So not only will Medstar get them to where they need to go, but it'll be more cost effective as well.

Selah was paying around $24,000 a month for the buses and that's money Yakima’s City Manager Cliff Moore said they’re going to have to find elsewhere.

“Sure, we'll feel the missing revenue, but we will accommodate that with our transit funding that get from the federal government and increased ridership as we restructure our own internal routes,” Moore said.

Both cities are working together to find the best solution and Wayman said he hopes to have their new transit system up and running by May of next year.

Yakima Transit's manager Alvie Maxey said if this all goes through, they will take the resources used for Route 10 and put them into Yakima.

Which would add another route around 1st Street to make sure no stops in Yakima are affected.

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