Selah firefighters get a new fire truck for better response

Selah firefighters get a new fire truck for better response

SELAH, Wash. - The Selah Fire Department is getting it's first new fire truck in 15 years.

Selah Fire Chief Gary Hanna said their budget has been tight so they haven't been able to get new equipment, until now.

"It's like anything with age things wear out, they start becoming undependable," Hanna said. "More and more breakdowns, so having new, modern equipment will help take the pressure of that."

He said Fire District 2, Selah citizens and a utility tax helped pay for the more than $300,000 truck.

Hanna said this allows the department to replace their old truck and have a spare for when one of the trucks has to undergo maintenance. This way, they will have a backup and won't be without a truck, which is something the department has never had before.

The Selah Fire Department is getting a new pumper truck, that can pump 1,250 gallons of water per minute.

Cascade Fire & Safety President Mark Merritt said this truck holds around 1,000 gallons of water so it will run out in just over one minute. But he said that's enough to get the job done.

"When you pull up on the scene of a fire it should for the most part be able to take care of the entire situation with everything on the truck," Merritt said. "This has axes, hose, nozzles, fully equipped so it's ready to be in service right now."

Chief Hanna said his team is very excited for the new ride.

"Like Christmas morning for them, so they're anxious to see it, most of them haven't even seen it yet," he said.

The new truck is being delivered to the Selah Fire Department Wednesday night where the firefighters will follow tradition of pushing the new truck into the station.

The Selah Fire Department said they worked with local supplier Cascade Fire & Safety in Yakima so they could keep tax dollars local.

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