Selah family uninjured after large rocks thrown from oncoming truck hit their windshield

    Selah family uninjured after large rocks thrown from oncoming truck hit their windshield<p>{/p}

    SELAH, Wash. -- "Mom’s car broke," said 3-year-old Jacob Day.

    Andrea Day says her son was pretty shaken up, Saturday, when they were on their way to get coffee a little after 10 P.M.

    "I thought we got shot. I thought they were gonna come back and shoot us again, or something," said Day.

    But, it wasn’t gunshots the family had experienced on their drive down Speyers Road in Selah.

    It was large rocks, hurled at the family of five’s SUV, they say from a truck coming at them from the opposite direction.

    Their hood and windshield - smashed in.

    "All my kids were freaking out. The dog was freaking out. It was not a good thing," said Day.

    Day says it all happened so fast, but luckily, no one was hurt.

    She says she wasn’t able to get a good look at the people in the truck or get a plate number, but what she could make out was what she thinks to be a small blue or grey pickup truck.

    The Yakima County Sheriff’s Office says right before this, they responded to a similar incident where rocks were also thrown through a man’s windshield, near Selah Loop and McGonagle Roads, but based upon the limited information deputies have been able to gather and the lack of witnesses, the investigation’s hit a dead end.

    Something Day isn’t too thrilled about.

    "I don’t understand it, but it could’ve been much worse had this rock hit any lower. Had it gone through the windshield, my husband would be in very bad shape or possibly killed," she said.

    Day says the damage done to her SUV is around $10,000.

    She's offering a reward of nearly $200 if anyone has any information.

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