Safety instructors host car seat check up for local parents

Safety instructors host car seat check up for local parents

YAKIMA, Wash. -- The Yakima Police Department wants parents in the valley to double check how their child is riding in the car.

"Accidents happen and you can't ever get them back so it's better to be prepared and be safe," said local parent Patricia Guthrie.

Guthrie is having her four-year-old son Chance's car seat checked out to make sure he is riding safe in her truck.

Child Passenger Safety Instructor Camille Becker said they are helping parents determine if their child should be in a booster seat or car seat and if it's a good fit for the child.

"What we look for is that the child is in the seat that is the right size for their age and height and also for the right vehicle that it actually fits in the vehicle," Becker said.

Becker said they want to make sure the straps and seat belts are crossing at the right points.

Guthrie said she went to the experts and found out she is actually securing her son too much.

"I have him over secured, and there is such a thing, which I didn't know," she said. "With his weight and height and how long I can keep him harnessed in."

Becker said these car seat check ups are to inform parents and make sure kids are the safest they can be in case an accident does happen.

"There a lot of little minor things all together in a crash can end up very major," she said. "So it's things that people don't normally see and you wouldn't know until you crashed the car."

Becker said parents should also be aware of what is in their cars such as sports equipment, toys or backpacks on the floor that can be thrown around and injure your kids during a crash.

If you want to schedule a car seat check up with YPD Community Services you can call 509-575-6197.

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