Rep. Newhouse and Google emphasize Internet safety to local kids

Rep. Newhouse and Google emphasize Internet safety to local kids

SUNNYSIDE, Wash. – “When we had to research a project, we had to go to the library, we had to check out books and things like that. Now, you can Google anything, right?” questioned Rep. Dan Newhouse.

Newhouse is reflecting on his past days in school, when unlike kids nowadays, he had to do all of his studies by turning pages in a book. He says today, kids are lucky to have an infinite amount of information at their fingertips with the Internet, but with great power comes great responsibility. He wants kids to be mindful when online.

“As you can see with all the enthusiasm here, there's a lot of internet users in the room, so these are really important lessons that young people should learn - all people should learn, really,” said Newhouse.

He and Google stopped by Sunnyside High School to give kids a presentation on Internet safety. He says if kids walk away with anything from this, he hopes it’s these pieces of information.

“To be smarter about what they do with the Internet, how they treat people on the Internet, how they treat themselves, the kind of personal information that they post. I think that they need to be just more aware, cause once you hit send, and it's gone, it's out of your mind, but it's out there for the world to see,” said Newhouse.

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