Rep. Manweller says he won't resign until the election

State Rep. Matt Mannweller (Photo credit:

ELLENSBURG -- Representative Matt Manweller has announced he will not resign before the election, despite calls from state Republican party leaders to do so, but he also says he won't serve another term if he is reelected.

Earlier this summer Manweller was fired as a professor from CWU after an investigation into alleged inappropriate interactions with students.

This week a woman came forward saying she had a relationship with Manweller when she was 17 and he was her high school teacher.

In a statement Manweller says he will not resign, and will finished out his term as state representative. He says he will resign after November if he is reelected, but still encourages people to vote for him. He says if he resigns after being reelected the law would require is filled by another Republican.

Here is his statement:

"Last week, media stories broke about an alleged relationship I had 22 years ago. As the Kavanaugh hearings have shown, there is no limit on how far back in time one can go to dig up such allegations. Since then, many constituents have reached out to me to offer their advice and support.

At this point we are only three weeks away from ballots going to the voters. My name will appear on those ballots regardless of what I decide to do with respect to my campaign and service to the district. I also believe it is important that the 68% of voters who identify as Republicans have someone to vote for.

That being said, today I am announcing that I will serve out the remainder of my term but it is not my intent to serve another term. If I am reelected, I plan to resign before the session begins or whatever the law requires. For the Republican Party, however, it is important that I am re-elected because the law would require that my seat be filled with another Republican.

The last year has been incredibly difficult for my family. Politics can be a very nasty endeavor which we have come to learn that first hand. Moving forward, I am primarily focused on creating a safe and healthy environment for my family, in particular, my wife and two children.

It has been an honor to serve the 13th District for the past six years."

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