Wheelchair-equipped van donated to local veteran

9/11 Remembrance Service

YAKIMA, Wa. -- Americans all over the country including in Yakima are remembering the victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks 17 years ago.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 379 in Yakima hosted a remembrance service that included an invocation, rifle salute and a Taps performance.

They also presented a wheelchair-equipped transport van donation to a selected recipient.

Commander of the VFW Post 379 Alpineda Junior says they do this event every year to remember the victims and heroes who lost their lives that day.

“I think they call it patriots day but it’s also a day for service. I think a way of always remembering 9/11 is if we can dedicate ourselves to a charitable organization whether its volunteering or donating time or money to something that’s important,” said Junior.

Around 50 community members came out to the service where many got emotional after a moment of silence.

Junior says it’s important to never forget what happened on that day, and getting together with the community and giving back is a great way to do that.

During the event, the wheelchair-equipped transport van was presented to veteran Deborah Ward.

Ward says she is thankful to have received this donation and will greatly benefit from it.

“It’ll be well used and well taken care of and like I told them God willing I’ll wear it out and if I don’t, another vet will get it,” said Ward.

The Taps performance ended the ceremony to pay respect to the many lives lost almost 20 years ago.

If you want information on the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 379 click here.

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