Red Cross shelter open for those threatened by landslide near Rattlesnake Ridge

Thorp Hillside, sent by a local pilot.

YAKIMA, Wash. - The American Red Cross has re-opened an emergency shelter for those living near a landslide.

Action News learned the evacuation shelter, located in the Summit View Church of Christ, at 100 North 72nd Avenue in Yakima opened January 3 at 4 p.m. to those threatened by a slow-moving landslide near Rattlesnake Ridge.

The Yakima Valley Office of Emergency Management said they discovered a crack in the Rattlesnake Ridge back in October. Senior Emergency Planner Horace Ward said they think the slide will stop itself, but crews are still monitoring the site for any activity.

People will have access to cots, food and water at the shelter, according to a Red Cross update. The Red Cross will also provide assistance to people affected by the landslide.

[Update] Red Cross leaders said the emergency shelter closed January 1 due to lack of response, but after only two days, the shelter has reopened.

The shelter was initially accepting people Dec. 29.

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