Randall Park will be ready for park-goers by summer

Randall Park will be ready for park-goers by summer

YAKIMA, Wash. -- After several years of improvements, Randall Park in Yakima will be ready for park-goers by summer.

With summer fast approaching, people are looking for places to go out with their families.

Parks and Recreation Manager Ken Wilkinson said Randall Park has been under construction since 2013 but now people will finally be able to enjoy its renovations.

“We hope to have everything done sometime in mid-summer, maybe late summer and then have some kind of celebration after Labor Day,” said Wilkinson.

Wilkinson says the park has been here for about 60 years and it needed many improvements.

Some of the improvements include a new playground, basketball courts, picnic tents, observation deck, tree planting, deepening the pond and much more.

“This park really needed what we call a face lift. It was old and tired and kind of worn out and really needed some new things so that’s why we started the process way back to make it better,” said Wilkinson.

Wilkinson says many of the renovations have been made thanks to contributions by local service clubs and other volunteer organizations.

Around $600,000 in local donations and $500,000 in state grants was given to address the significant issues the park had.

The Yakima Downtown Rotary Club installed the new playground equipment and donated $110,000.

Now the park is in its final stages of construction, only needing to finish the 44th Street parking lot, pathways and grass.

Wilkinson says overall $1.4 million has been used to make all the improvements in the park which families will be able to enjoy from this summer.

“Randall Park is a great place to come and be with your family to experience nature and just have a great time outdoors so we want people to utilize the park and enjoy it, that’s why it’s here,” said Wilkinson.

Wilkinson says with Randall Park being close to finished, they are already talking about their next project for the community.

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