Pulse Point, a new app already helping to save lives

The app Pulse Point send out alerts when someone needs CPR

TRI-CITIES, Wash. - A new app that can help save lives launched about a month ago and already has helped save lives including one here in Richland.

The app called Pulse Point is an app that sends out alerts when someone needs CPR, an alert that Eric Senner received while out at dinner with friends and family.

“All of a sudden I got a notification on my phone and my watch saying CPR is needed at a restaurant that was down the street,” said Eric Senner.

At that point Eric let his wife know that someone needed help and grabbed his brother in law and ran down to the restaurant.

“We got to the back of the restaurant noticed there was a woman on the ground a woman was already giving compressions when we got there somebody was asking if anybody else was CPR certified I let them know I was and at that point somebody had instructed the woman giving compressions to switch out with me so I switched in and started giving compressions,” said Senner.

A couple of minutes later the Richland Fire Department showed up and took over the scene.

Luckily the patient lived.

Fire officials say that this app has already helped save lives here in our community.

“We’ve already had several activations since it’s been here in Tri-Cities and we’ve had several confirmed rescues of people showing up and assisting until the ambulance can get there,” said Ben Shearer Pasco Fire Department.

Ben adds that other communities who’ve had this app for a couple of years now, have made a 30 to 40 percent difference in their survivability of people going down in public with cardiac arrest.

A difference that Eric Senner is happy to be a part of.

"You know wow, I happened to be there and I got to use this training and it just shows the importance of one having the app and then two getting training and being ready to help save somebody if necessary and then just being prepared,” said Senner.

The app is free to download and is only active in Benton County and will launch this august in Franklin County.

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