Prosecutors say what Verduzco is telling medical experts isn't matching up

Prosecutors say what Verduzco is telling medical experts isn't matching up

YAKIMA, Wash.- Throughout the trial, the defense is bringing in four medical experts that all claim Manuel Verduzco is mentally insane.

Thursday, Peter Mazzone brought in psychiatrist Dr. McClung who scored Manuel Verduzco on the schizophrenia scale, saying that during the moment of the murders, he couldn't appreciate the wrongfulness of the crime.

The prosecutor, Michael Ellis, viewed the final reports from each doctor and the jail reports and noticed that what Verduzo is telling these experts isn't matching up.

"Lets assume that in a later interview, the defendant told that doctor that he sometimes he does in fact hear two voices. Would you consider that inconsistent with what he told you?" said Ellis.

"Yes," said Dr. McClung.

In a jail report that was done the night Verduzco was arrested for the murders, the prosecutor pointed out that Verduzco said no to ever thinking suicidal thoughts, having drinking problems, or believing he had a mental illness. The defense was arguing there are many reasons he'd change his story.

"It could mean the level of trust they have for the person, the interpersonal style of the person interviewing them, it can also be whether or not the concerns of what is this person going to do with my information," said Dr. McClung.

The prosecution also found differences in each medical report of when Verduzco claimed he first starting hearing voices.

Ellis also argued that Verduzo had self control, because he says the voices told him to kill himself but he didn't. The prosecution says if he could resist that, he could have resisted murdering Karina Morales-Rodriguez and Marta Martinez.

"It's also possible that some of the internal emotional pressure was relieved by the violent act. That's a possibility as well," said Dr. McClung.

Ellis also questioned the expert when he claimed that Verduzco did not know what he did was wrong during the time of the crimes, and argued that by Verduzo showing up to the bank with a gun, hiding his identity later on, and fleeing the scene shows that he understood. While the defense says that him showing up with regular clothes on, without hiding his face, shows that the murders were not planned and he was mentally unstable.

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