Promote better password habits on password day

Promote better password habits on password day

YAKIMA Wash. -- May 4th is World Password Day and it is dedicated to promote better password habits.

According to Javelin Strategy and Research 15.4 million U.S consumers were hacked last year because of poor password usage or for clicking on links that spread computer viruses.

Blaine Smith is a Consultation Agent for the Geek Squad at Best Buy who says, emails are the main target for hackers and many times they use viruses to lock you out of your computer and steal information.

"Some of the common things that will happen is you'll notice a sudden slow down on the machine, you'll see pop ups, you'll see freezing," said Smith.

Smith said, once a computer or cell phone has been hacked or infected….resetting your data and of course resetting your password can help.

But there are ways to prevent getting hacked so you don't have to go through all the trouble.

"Use the passphrase also a password manager is a really great program to use on your system," said Smith.

Smith also suggests using mnemonic devices, updating your password, and of course avoiding clicking on unfamiliar links that can lead to viruses on your computer will help prevent hackers from getting your information.

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