Potential buyers for Yakima Speedway have plans to add hotel and more to the city

Potential buyers for Yakima Speedway have plans to add hotel and more to the city.

YAKIMA, Wash.- Fans of car racing have filled the seats of the Yakima speedway for about half a century, but the possible sale of the land could change all of that as soon as January.

Ted Pollack has owned the land for the last 51 years and he told Action News the soil has already been tested and he is ready to sell whenever the buying group brings the money.

Dan Kinley is managing both the sale and purchase of the property and said adding a hotel would be great for a city that thrives on its tourism and local events.

"Every event that happens here, whether it's from a baseball tournament to a soccer tournament, they run out of hotel space," he said.

Kinley also said the master plan includes shops, restaurants and a brand-new ice rink.

With everything being right next to the freeway, it would give Yakima a brand-new image for people passing through.

"As people drive by, it gives them another reason to get off the freeway and spend money in Yakima," Kinley said.

The State Fair Grounds is down the street from the racetrack and Greg Lybeck, the assistant manager of the fairgrounds, said the addition of a hotel would allow them to bid for new events to come to Yakima.

"Right now, we are limited because some of the events need a hotel within walking distance, so I think that would be big," he said.

Lybeck said while the hotel would help, the ice rink and stores around it would keep people entertained after they find a place to stay.

"If people are coming to Yakima they need things to do. If they have ice rinks and stuff like that it would give people a lot of things to do," he said.

Kinley said he had people all the way from Boston asking about possibly buying the property.

But the buyers he has in place right now are from the Yakima area and that gives them a better idea of how to use the space to better the city.

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