Pot shop to shut down: some MJ businesses suspicious

Pot shop to shut down: some MJ businesses suspicious

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. – Yakima County says The Ol’ Pot Shoppe is throwing in the towel. Chief Civil Deputy Prosecutor Don Anderson says the owner has come to an agreement with them.

“The operators of the business agreed that they would shut down and would vacate the premises, that they would not reopen there, nor would they reopen anywhere else in unincorporated Yakima County, a retail operation,” said Anderson.

Sticky Budz Chief Operating Officer Jeffrey McPhee says it’s not that simple and straightforward.

“Rather than close their doors, they were given the very advantageous opportunity to open inside city limits,” he said.

When asked about this, Anderson said he didn’t know of the future plans on The Ol’ Pot Shoppe, but that if there was room for them to open up a location within the city of Yakima, they would be able to do so.

“The state only gives out so many permits per town, and so some of the towns may already have all their cannabis licenses spoken for, so you wouldn’t be able to open a business there,” said Anderson.

McPhee says he knows for a fact that all of the cannabis licenses in the city of Yakima are already taken. He says the county is making room for another marijuana business in Yakima and that it’s unfair to the other businesses caught in this legal battle.

“This would be a very rare exception to the rules that were set in place, mainly because there are four other retail licenses in unincorporated Yakima County that I’m sure would love the opportunity to move into the city limits, and profit from that larger market space,” said McPhee.

The county says they'd like for the other businesses in unincorporated Yakima County to follow suit and close shop, but only time will tell.

Action News reached out to The Ol' Pot Shoppe, but they declined to comment.

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