Postpartum care provider expanding throughout Yakima Valley

    Postpartum care provider expanding throughout Yakima Valley

    YAKIMA VALLEY, Wash. - Professional Perinatal Services say they are the only certified in-home postpartum care here in Yakima Valley.

    Owner Hannah Skaanland said they serve families who bring their babies home for the first time and aren't sure what to do.

    "Remember the moment when you walk in the door and most parents say 'why did they give me a baby, they shouldn't have let me come home with this child, what do I do now,'" Skaanland said. "They often need quite a bit of help and sometimes you don't have family in the area to help, sometimes you don't have resources for that."

    She said they help new moms with breastfeeding, help families with cleaning, cooking and even holding the baby while the parents sleep.

    Skaanland and co-owner Kristin Eggleston have individually served hundreds of couples, teaching birth education and they each saw a need for care for families after birth here in the valley.

    "I've been teaching child birth education classes for the last seven years and so I helped them get to and through the birth," she said. "Then there was no one in this area to help them afterwards so who do they call, somebody that they already know and trust."

    Around 11,500 babies are born per year throughout Yakima, Kittitas, Benton and Franklin counties so Skaanland and Eggleston saw a need and came together to provide postpartum services to families.

    They started a business plan last November and came across the Enterprise Challenge, where local entrepreneurs compete to grow their business.

    They made it to the final eight of the challenge and Skaanland said winning the $10,000 prize would be a great jump start to their new business.

    "The Enterprise Challenge would help us hire more doulas, to get our contracts in order and to start serving this area better and more quickly," Skaanland said.

    Skaanland said they hope to continue to serve those in the area and eventually expand up to Spokane and down to Walla Walla so they can serve all of eastern Washington.

    The Enterprise challenge winner will be announced on March 29.

    To learn more about Professional Perinatal Services you can visit their website.

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