Police train property owners to help reduce crime

Police train property owners to help reduce crime

YAKIMA, Wash.- The Yakima Police Department will be putting on a Free Rental Housing Training next week. The classes are to help educate property owners and landlords on criminal activity at rental properties.

"It is very beneficial for landlords. I think some of them are not aware of what is going on in their units," said Sam Masters who is a Yakima Police Officer and handles the nuisance ordinance for the city of Yakima. Masters says they receive calls every day about crime activity on rental properties.

"For our class it will set them up so that they can get an email if the officers respond to their location, they will receive notification that the police were at their unit. I know that we have notified landlords over the last year, I believe it was around 4,500 times in the last 365 days," said Masters.

The workshops will teach property owners how to properly handle evictions, gang violence and shootings that happen on their properties.

"We have at some of our properties had crime, and if it hasn't been at that property, it's been close to the property," said Katie Windsor who is the General Manager at Jevons Property Management and is attending the workshop for the first time next week.

"For information on how to keep the crime away from properties I think that would be good for me so that I have feedback to give to the owners and feedback to give to tenets. Because I do have owners that ask me about different questions like this so I think I will have a better understanding of what all is out there and what can be done about different issues that come up," said Windsor.

Masters says the annual workshops have helped reduce the amount of calls on rental propitious throughout the years, and have certified many landlords and property owners in Yakima County.

"The landlords that attend they become more familiar with criminal activity, how to identify it, and then how to prevent it," said Masters.

Rental property classes will start on November 6 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. The following classes will be held at the same time on November 8, 13 and 15. The free training for landlords and rental property owners is at the Yakima Police Department Training Building at 207 S. 3rd Street.

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