Police still searching for second suspect involved in local dealership burglary

Police still searching for second suspect involved in local dealership burglary

YAKIMA, Wash.- Two men left one local car dealership losing thousands of dollars.

"They were in the business for several hours and did quite a bit of damage," said Public Information Officer Mike Bastinelli.

Yakima Police and Washington State Patrol were alerted of a roll over truck on I-82, and found that truck had been stolen from Harvest Chevrolet.

Bastinelli says in the truck that crashed, police located 31 car keys from the dealership that police valued at nearly $16,000.

The dealership had also reported two more cars stolen back in May.

Police say surveillance showed one of the two suspects carrying a crow bar into the dealership fenced lot. Authorities say the two men entered the dealership while it was still open and hid there until 3 a.m.

Surveillance footage led authorities to identifying one of the suspect's as Damon McCart, who was already booked in the Yakima County Jail for a 1st degree assault and drug charges.

"Once he was in custody, our detectives were able to match his description with what he had on video. That really helped our detectives identify at lease one of the suspects," said Bastinelli.

Police say they are still searching for the second man in the surveillance footage. Police were able to find the second stolen truck on N 1st St., and the third stolen car tireless in a middle of an orchard in Yakima County.

Action News reached out to Harvest Chevrolet and they denied to comment.

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