Police: Gang shooting triggered by brawl at Yakima County Juvenile Justice Center

Police: Gang shooting triggered by brawl at Yakima County Juvenile Justice Center

YAKIMA, Wash.- It all started at the Yakima County Juvenile Justice Center: A hearing at the center for 15-year-old Luis Medina-Beltran, who police say murdered Napoleon Prado.

Police provided extra officers to keep everyone safe.

“As far as they could tell they weren’t being antagonistic, but you could tell there was a sense in the air that if anybody said something, something would have happened,” Casey Schilperoort with the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office said.

As everyone was leaving the center, a fight broke out between the friends and family of Medina-Beltran and Prado.

Captain Jeff Schneider with the Yakima Police Department said this sparked up fights across Yakima. With one of them ending with a 17-year-old shooting at a police officer.

“That resulted basically in rolling brawls, for the lack of a better term, throughout the city and this was probably an offshoot of one of those,” he said.

He said they got a call about a man with a gun threatening to shoot someone.

When an officer showed up to the scene, he was greeted by a hail of bullets.

“Several of the rounds hit his car and hit the window right behind his head,” Schneider said.

Police arrested the shooter after a couple-hour standoff. He made his appearance in court Thursday.

The judge said he previously had 12 outstanding warrants and 12 probation violations on top of that. Two of them ending in felony convictions.

After everything police had to deal with after two families came together, Schneider said it was all gang related

Since he is a minor, right now, Action News is not releasing his name.

His bail was set at half a million dollars.

The judge said if 1st degree assault charges are filed at his next hearing on Monday. He'll be automatically charged as an adult because he's so close to being 18.

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