Police find guns and a kilo of meth after investigating a neighbors complaint

Police find guns and a kilo of meth after investigating a neighbors complaint.

YAKIMA, Wash.- It all started with investigating a neighbor's complaint and ended with a police drug bust.

The Yakima DEA task force went to the apartment complex off Garfield Ave and found $10,000 in cash, nine guns, with some being assault rifles and a kilo of meth.

KIMA spoke with the supervisor of the Yakima DEA unit, who wished to not be named, and he said they weren't expecting to find this when they first went in.

While a kilo may not be huge in the grand scheme of things, he said it was a lot to find on the street.

He said if you were to buy the kilo all together, it would be around seventy-five hundred dollars.

However, if you sell it by the gram, like most drug dealers do, it would be almost $20,000.

Captain Jeff Schneider with the Yakima Police Department said having officers with the DEA unit helps them keep drug dealers behind bars.

"Typically, the punishments in federal court for drug violations are much harsher than they would be for state, so we have a lot more impact in what we can do working with a partnership with DEA," he said.

He said the partnership with the DEA is nothing new, but it's not common for small cities like Yakima to have a drug enforcement office.

"Yakima was the smallest city in the country to have a DEA office, I don't know if that's still the case, but they came in here because of such a large problem," Schneider said.

The supervisor of the DEA unit said they could prosecute Lance Werst at the federal level.

However, he said Werst has enough of a criminal past where he'll most likely get the same type of punishment in state court.

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