Pit bulls will be legal again in Yakima starting Sunday

Pit bulls will be legal again in Yakima starting Sunday

YAKIMA, Wash. - It will soon be legal for people in Yakima to own pit bulls.

The ban, which prevented people from owning pit bull dogs in the city of Yakima, will be lifted Sunday, Sept. 23, after more than 30 years of being in effect.

City council voted to repeal the ban during their August 21 meeting after the council previously revised the city's dangerous dog ordinance.

Council amended the ordinance back in June of 2018 to expand the definition of a potentially dangerous dog to include dogs showing an apparent attitude of attack. The ordinance is directed towards all dog breeds.

City leaders want to remind locals the pit bulls will still be subject to the city requirements related to all dog breeds.

City rules include keeping dogs on a leash while being walked, getting all dogs registered and licensed at City Hall, keeping rabies vaccinations current and prohibiting the jumping on or barking at pedestrians at public sidewalks and streets.

More information regarding dog ownership in Yakima can be found at the city's website.

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