Pinwheels used to bring attention to sexual assault, child abuse in Yakima County

Pinwheels used to bring attention to sexual assault, child abuse in Yakima County

YAKIMA, Wash.- Pinwheels are scattered across the lawn of Performance Park next to the county's building to bring awareness to problem of sexual assault the county is facing.

“Right now, we got those four deputies averaging around 105 current felony sexual assault prosecutions. Which is absolutely too high,” Yakima County prosecuting attorney Joe Brusic said.

Brusic was one of the people who spoke at "Pinwheels for Prevention."

The event was to remind everyone that April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Brusic said sexual assault is one of the most common crimes that doesn't get the attention that is needed.

He said he wants everyone to know they have a voice in preventing and helping those that have been assaulted.

“These are the most under-reported of all crimes. We want to be aggressive in prosecuting and creating more public safety for these terrible crimes,” he said.

The pinwheels were also used to highlight the issues of child abuse as well.

Those in charge of the event say one pinwheel represents a childhood without abuse.

The county is in the process of creating a child advocacy center.

Which would help police and other social services work together when dealing with child abuse.

“The idea is to come together and to improve not only the investigations but to make sure these children are getting the resources that they deserve,” Multidisciplinary Team Coordinator Hannah Penattoni said.

Brusic said many people are afraid to come forward to report crimes of sexual assault, but others can step in and be the voice they need.

Resources for sexual assault and child abuse.

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