Pets for adoption at Carey Motors

Pets for adoption at Carey Motors

YAKIMA, Wash.- This Saturday Carey Motors will be hosting a donation drive with Wags To Riches Animal Rescue, and they will be bringing adoptable pets.

"Yakima has a problem with strays or even just dogs getting loose out of peoples yards. Wags to Riches will take those animals in, they have foster families that actually take those animals and put them in a family environment," said Brandon Pittman, New Car Manager for Carey Motors.

For about nine years Wags to Riches has found homes for over 2,000 animals.

"If you find a dog or a cat that needs some place to go, you can take it there and you don't have to worry about it being there for its 90 day lifespan and then getting euthanized," said Pittman.

If you can't adopt a new pet on Saturday, Carey Motors will be accepting pet food, toys, or anything that you would buy for a pet.

"The main thing for us is getting out into the community and helping these programs. They're a non-profit, everyone that works there is a volunteer, so anything that we can do as a community to help better our community is a good thing," said Pittman.

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