People will now be required to pay an additional amount for their car tab fees

car tab increase.JPG

YAKIMA Wash. -- People in Yakima will now be required to pay $20 more per year for their car tabs.

Council members approved the increase because they say this will help with many of the street projects they have been wanting to take care of.

The money will go on projects like the revitalization of North First Street, creating sidewalks in neighborhoods for kids to safely walk to school and minor road projects throughout the city.

The ordinance passed 4 to 2 but some people were not happy about the new change, saying they do not believe the money will be used to fix anything.

“You talk about you want to do this you want to do that, you want to do sidewalks you want to do lights, you guys have been talking about that for months on end," said a local resident.

The new car tab increase will take effect on July 1st of next year.

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