People may be able to file taxes for free

People may be able to file taxes for free

YAKIMA, Wash— For some, it can be overwhelming.

“Tax time tends to make people nervous,” said Christopher Long of the Computer and Communications Industry Association.

He says he recognizes the frustration people may feel about filing their taxes, so he was on hand at the Yakima Valley Library to let the public know there are resources out there making it possible to file for free, and to show them how easy it can be to file.

“We're here to tell taxpayers and community leaders that there's free tax assistance out there for everyone, whether its online through the Free File Alliance or directly with one on one folks who are trained and certified,” said Long.

In order to qualify, you had to have made less than $66 thousand dollars for the year of 2017. According to the IRS, that's nearly 70 percent of all taxpayers.

Mercedes Lukin says she works with the elderly and less fortunate. She says the more resources she finds, the better she can help her clients.

“Having this experience to bring to them and to encourage them to either try to do it on their own or outreach to somebody who can help them in person, is not only gonna put more finances in their pocket, but they’re gonna be more and more self-sufficient, and that's what we really strive for,” said Lukin.

Long wants the public to know the process of filing taxes doesn't have to be intimidating. People can choose from a dozen companies offering free file, and taxpayers will get a return that's done right, whether you choose to file in-person or online.

“They're there to give the best refund, the best return possible. Online, by using technology, you also get all the credits, all the deductions you're entitled to, so you get the best return possible allowed by law. It's done safe, it's done accurately, it's done fast and it's done free,” said Long.

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