People living at Yakima mobile home park now sick after drinking E.coli water

People living at Yakima mobile home park now sick after drinking E.coli water

YAKIMA, Wash.- "I'm disgusted about it because it doesn't seem like they care," said local living at Regal Estates Linda.

About 65 homes at Regal Estates have been notified not to drink their tap water. It's been tested positive for E. coli by the State Department of Health nearly two weeks ago, and it's unclear how the water got contaminated.

Since then they've been required to boil their water if they need to use it.

Some renters there say the water was bad weeks before they got the notice, and several renters say they've had serious health issues this past month.

"I've been feeling really sick. I've gone to the doctor three times and they've told me that I have some kind of E. coli. They don't know what kind of disease that I have," said renter Helen Gutierrez.

"It's horrible, when you're used to walking all the time and now you can't. I don't even want to walk from here to the laundry room anymore," said renter Irene Siebol.

Yakima County Health District tells Action News the owner put chlorine in the well after the contamination was discovered, and says they tested chlorine levels in the water and say they are within state regulations.

Renters there say anywhere they use water within their home leaves a strong odor of chlorine afterwards.

"I try not to even touch it, but for showers and stuff we have too, and when we come out of the shower we smell like we've came out of the swimming pool," said Siebol.

They say the chlorine is so powerful it's taking a toll on their bodies.

"We lose more hair than anything else because the chlorine is so strong," said Siebol.

"I even have blisters on my head, and it's all because of the chlorine. My house smells so bad of chlorine," said Gutierrez.

Regal Community LLC bought the property last December, which is owned by Hurst & Son LLC, and they own multiple communities across the state.

Regal Community LLC representative Caleb Romack says since the results have came back positive for E. coli, he's been proactive on getting the water back to cleaner levels.

"I started contacting the city and prices and getting things things scheduled so that we can get to the city water is how we are going to resolve it," said Romack.

He says they are paying $35,000 to switch over to the city water line.

Romack says they are distributing water to the renters until the water line is connected.

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