People in Yakima react to police chief being fired

People in Yakima react to police chief being fired

YAKIMA, Wa . -- The city of Yakima is letting go of its police chief of six years and many people are not happy about the decision.

Yakima's City Manager Cliff Moore announced today Dominic Rizzi Junior tenure as police chief is ending because he says it’s time for new leadership at the Police Department.

Several people say firing him before finding a new candidate for the position could be risky.

“That does concern me that there isn’t a police chief now, I wasn’t aware of this at all so I am concerned," said resident Eugene McDaniel.

“There’s a problem with not having a police chief everybody needs a supervisor, a boss, someone to look forward to, someone to look up to, someone for direction and to not have a reason for getting fired you know that’s irresponsible," said resident Omar Tineo.

The city said Rizzi was given 60-day notice Monday to the final day of his employment.

YPD Captain Gary Jones will serve as interim Yakima Police Chief while a national search is conducted to find Rizzi’s successor.

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