Part 1: Missing without a trace

Part 1: Missing without a trace 

YAKIMA Wash. --Hundreds of people are reported missing every year in Yakima County and in many of these cases people have been missing for years without any sign.

Action News spoke with the families who have missing loved ones and they shared their stories and spoke about what they're experiencing. We also spoke with Yakima County Sheriff’s Department who told us about the three main reasons why people are never found.

Cody Turner's family says he seemed to be getting his life back together. He received his high school diploma and had finally gotten custody to see his daughter.

"He was headstrong and once he had his mind made up to do something he did it,” said Turner’s mother Michelle Joe.

But his loved ones say something went wrong. He started using drugs about a year before he disappeared.

Turner lived with his grandma at the time and she says it was a normal day like any other. She thought he was going out to run an errand but he never made it back home.

"He looked at me and he said, I'll be back later, I love you,” said Turner’s grandma Sue Lenox.

Turner disappeared July 26th of 2015. It's been almost three years and there is no trace or signs of where he could be.

Turner's mother Michelle Joe says she hasn't been the same ever since he went missing and it's been a big torment to know nothing about him.

"I can't escape it. It's taken over my life trying to find him, trying to find answers,” said Joe.

Mike Bastinelli from the Yakima Police Department says they have done a lot of investigation on this case but they have not been able to find any actual evidence to determine the cause of his disappearance.

"If you don't really find out answers in the first couple of weeks then there's a possibility you may never find those answers,” said Bastinelli.

Turner's case is one of the many in Yakima County where someone goes missing and is never found.

According to the Yakima County Sheriff's Department, last year there were 567 reported missing persons cases countywide. And in the city of Yakima there were 279.

Mike Russell from the Yakima Sheriff's Department says some of these reported cases are still active till this day.

"The three reasons why someone is not found is because they are the victim of a homicide, they had an accidental death or they take their own lives,” said Russell.

Russell says sometimes bodies are buried in remote locations and without any actual evidence or witness testimonies they may never be found.

This is why Turners mother is asking people to come forward and speak out if they know any information about any missing person.

"I would rather know for a fact that he was dead than not knowing,” said Joe.

If anyone knows any information of a missing person, you can give a testimony anonymously by going to crime stoppers.

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