Parents are reunited with their children at Yakima County Juvenile Justice Center

Parents are reunited with their children at Yakima County Juvenile Justice Center

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Around 20 children are reunited with their parents after spending time in foster care.

Yakima County’s 9th annual reunification ceremony took place today at the Juvenile Justice Center located at 1728 Jerome Avenue.

Around nine families were able to reunite with their children and regain custody of their kids.

Cynthia Lua says she lost custody of her children two years ago due to drug addiction.

She says she then started to seek out help and came across a local parent advocacy committee, Yakima Parent Allie, who helped her find resources to get sober and get her children back.

“It was very hard at first I would always you know be like I’m going to go do it, I’m going to do impatient and I would just not go. I would just hesitate and hesitate until finally I was like no I have to do it I just have to do it for my kids,” said Lua.

Yakima Parent Allie helps parents who are struggling and want to change their life around, find resources.

Monica Valdez is a Parent Allie and she says they want to help the community gain hope that people can change and families can reunite with their loved ones.

“We want to inspire people that they’re able to make a difference in their life, that they’re able to change their lifestyle from being on drugs or bound to other things maybe gang related and that they’re life can be turned around,” said Valdez.

A reception followed the court ceremony which took place on the lawn of the Juvenile Justice Center.

There was food, information booths, games for kids and much more.

Lua says Yakima Parent Allie has changed her life because she is now able to live sober and get her children back into her life.

“It feels awesome it feels like I’m living again and get to do all these fun things with my kids now,” said Lua.

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