Over 100 Exhibits at the 29th annual Sportsmen Show

    Over 100 Exhibits at the 29th annual Sportsman Show

    YAKIMA, Wash.- Yakima's 29th annual Sportsmen Show is underway at the SunDome this weekend.

    From trout races, to seeing cougars and lions at the animal exhibit, to watching a horn an antler competition, those are just a few of the 100 exhibits that are at the Sportsmen Show this year.

    The event has been here for 29 years, and has been around since the SunDome was first built.

    "I'm an outdoor person, I've hunted and fished my whole life. My dad taught me to do that and I'm from Spokane, there's a show there called the Big Horn Show, so I've kind of patterned it after that," said Merle Shuyler, Sportsmen Show Producer.

    The Sportsmen Show will be here until tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tomorrow is kids day, there will be free fishing all day at the kids fishing pond, special door prize drawings, fish tying and other kid events.

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