Orozco leads Wapato mayoral race

Orozco leads Wapato mayoral race

WAPATO, Wash. - It's a hotly contested race for mayor of Wapato. The incumbent Tony Guzman didn't make it out of the primary and is now running for a council seat.

Juan "Eddy" Orozco and Hector Garza are vying to be the city's next mayor.

It's not a runaway, but Orozco has the lead Tuesday night.

Action News spoke with the candidates and Garza said he is at peace and feels good because he learned a lot from these elections and Orozco said he just wants the best for their city.

"I’m very excited for today we worked really hard and we feel that we are in a good position. I hope the best for Wapato. Whoever wins I hope the best for our city," Orozco said.

Although Orozco is in the lead Garza did say that he will keep looking at the numbers because they can still change.

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