Number of people nearly doubling at homeless shelter with Camp Hope move

Number of homeless people nearly doubling at Union Gospel Mission with Camp Hope move

YAKIMA, Wash. - The Union Gospel Mission said the number of people they serve is going to nearly double as they welcome people from Camp Hope later this week.

Camp Hope Director Mike Kay said people from both shelters were out putting up military style tents in the mission's back parking lot.

"The people you see working here, very few of them are staff members," Kay said. "The rest are actual guests that are putting in the sweat equity and putting these things up themselves and they're not light by any means."

Camp Hope said they are bringing over about 70 people to stay at the mission.

The city said because Camp Hope current location is legally temporary, they have to move out for two weeks every six months.

Executive Director of the Union Gospel Mission Mike Johnson said they were happy to host Camp Hope.

"Both trying to care for the same folks and it just made a ton of sense because we're already permitted to do this work here," Johnson said. "It allowed Camp Hope and the city to not have to figure out some other place for homelessness, we already got that here."

However, Johnson said it does come at a cost to the mission.

They are anticipating the water, power and food bill to go up.

He said they also purchased two tents for Camp Hope guests to stay in, but he said they will be useful to the mission later when they re-model.

While Camp Hope is staying at the mission, Kay said they have plans t o make upgrades at their temporary location.

"Over at Camp Hope we'll be doing some maintenance, we'll be working on building on our family pods while people aren't there," he said. "We're hoping that the utilities get finished, that would be really nice to have water and power when we get back."

Kay said they are still working on putting up another tent, but they are planning on moving into the mission Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

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