North Meyers Road Bridge Re-opened

North Meyers Road Bridge Re-opened

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. - After nearly two years of having to take the long way around, the bridge connecting Toppenish and Zillah has re-opened.

The North Meyers Road Bridge connecting Toppenish and Zillah closed in February 2016 due to flood damage.

Yakima County Engineer Gary Ekstedt said the bridge was originally built in 1947 and had to close because it was dangerous for travelers due to aging infrastructure.

“We had to close the bridge because of the wash out on the other end and we were just going to add and we chose at that time to close the bridge, continue with the construction process,” Ekstedt said.

But the wait is over, after 22 months of work the bridge over the Yakima River is open for travelers.

City officials and crews who worked for nearly two years on the bridge gathered at the site to officially re-open the road.

Zillah Mayor Gary Clark said the new bridge is nice but he is excited for the re-opening because of who travels on it.

“I would like to thank you, everyone involved in this whole thing for getting it done for one reason and one reason only," Clark said. "My wife drives this road every day and I had to listen to her for the last year and a half, talk about not being able to use the road."

Clark and Toppenish City Manager Lance Hoyt said both cities are very happy for the re-opening because it provides safety and transportation improvements.

“We’re all pretty excited about it, on both sides of the river,” Hoyt said, “It will enhance our school bus routes, our freight route, our EMS response times and tourism.”

City officials said this project cost millions of dollars and was funded by state and federal grants.

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