No one hurt after car slides under semi trailer in Moxee

No one hurt after car scrapes under semi trailer in Moxee

MOXEE, Wash. - No one has been hurt after a car slid on frost at a curve in the road and crashed with a semi truck.

Reports from the Yakima County Sheriff's Office said Grisel Rodriguez, 23, of Moxee was driving a Mazda sedan at a curve in the 2800 block of Faucher Road around 10:40 a.m., Monday. Heavy frost on the roads caused Rodriguez's car to lose control and hit the front of a semi.

The car hit the rear drive duals of the truck and then the landing gear of the trailer. The car then slid underneath the trailer, causing the front of the car to hit the rear tire.

The car then slid out from underneath the semi trailer and landed in a ditch. Sheriff's deputies said the car was a total loss.

East Valley fire checked on Rodriguez who was not injured. Carlos Cruz, the semi driver, was also uninjured, according to reports.

Deputies said the car had so much damage, the engine fell out as the car was being towed. The semi trailer was also damaged in the incident.

Rodriguez was issued a ticket for driving too fast for conditions.

Deputies are reminding drivers to be wary of road conditions during cold weather as frost may not always be visible on roads, specifically in shaded areas.

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