No murder charges against 87-year-old woman who fatally shot granddaughter

    No charges against 87-year-old woman who fatally shot granddaughter

    YAKIMA, Wash. - Yakima County Prosecuting Attorney says no murder charges will be filed against an 87 – year – old woman who fatally shot her granddaughter.

    Prosecuting Attorney Joe Brusic says he felt it was impossible to convict Wanda Roberts for shooting granddaughter Tiffany Roberts due to the circumstances both before and during the incident.

    “Under the circumstances on this particular occasion on Monday, there were circumstances in volatility at that point in time which lead Wanda to believe that she had to engage in defensing herself in this manner," said Brusic.

    According to police, during the early morning hours of Monday, Wanda fatally shot Tiffany, through her bedroom door, during an argument.

    Brusic says the relationship and familial history between the grandmother and granddaughter influenced the decision not to charge Wanda.

    Police say the granddaughter had an extensive criminal history, including assault against her grandfather.

    The grandmother however, had a clean record, up until Nov. 5.

    “Wanda had attempted to get a restraining order about a year ago or so and it was not granted but there had been consistent issues since that particular period of time," said Brusic.

    Wanda Roberts next door neighbor Destiny says the fatal shooting was self-defense because the granddaughter was physically and mentally abusing Wanda Roberts.

    Brusic says he believes in a trial, a jury would find she was acting in self-defense, following the review by the Prosecuting Attorney's office.

    Wanda Roberts previously faced second degree murder and manslaughter charges but has now been released.

    Brusic says he may reevaluate the decision if there are any additional facts or evidence that are discovered or obtained.

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