New Yakima Veteran's Housing project receives grant for solar power


    YAKIMA Wa. -- The new Yakima Veteran’s Housing project is being granted up to 150 – thousand dollars to install solar power in the new facility.

    Yakima Housing Authority is redeveloping a former Marine Corps Armory into a housing for homeless veterans and will be able to have solar power thanks to Pacific Power.

    Regional Business Manager for Pacific Power Lori Froehlich says this grant comes from their Blue-Sky Fund which is provided by customers who pay extra on their bill to fund renewable energy.

    “It’s actually customers in the Yakima area who are funding this project with their goal for a more sustainable future and investing in a blue sky," said Froehlich.

    The installation will accommodate almost 100 kilowatts of solar which means almost the entire facility will be covered.

    Froehlich says the Yakima Housing Authority desires to maximize the sustainability of the site both to reduce their long-term operating costs and also to provide an example to the region.

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