New Yakima hair salon offers much more than stylish hair-do's


YAKIMA, Wash.- A new hair salon in town is thinking pink.

"I've lost a loved one through breast cancer so it's just a kind of a special thing to help me to in memory of my loved one," said Lisa Maggard.

Lisa is the owner of Amazing Hair Salon. She's using her salon's first month of business to raise money for breast cancer, with pink extensions and peek-a-boo highlights.

At the end of October, Lisa has pledged to give half the proceeds to 'Ohana Mammography Center.

Their nurse navigator says the pink hair sends a strong message to those battling the disease.

"The other woman are standing behind them and saying, "we're aware, of this breast cancer thing and we're trying to support you the best we can,” said Betsy Medrano.

Lisa lost her aunt to breast cancer and to her this is the perfect way to honor her.

"She inspired me to do it, she taught me how to do her hair, and that's what kind of got me going," said Maggard.

Nancy Roehr, 'Ohana’s Senior Manager says donations like these help provide comfort to their patients in a difficult time.

"I've had women call me, and not only are they scared, but you know, they're crying about this. And because of the community and efforts like that ... That money is used to help pay for their exams and it's a huge relief," said Roehr.

That relief is exactly what Lisa says she hopes to provide in a small way.

Lisa hasn't quite reached her goal, but you still have time to help out. Friday, Saturday, and on Monday the salon will be open and you can come get your very own pink hair extension. The extensions are only $10 and half of those proceeds go back to breast cancer awareness.

If you can't make it out before the end of the month, but would like to show your support, Lisa will still be offering pink extensions and peek-a-boo highlights year round. The Amazing Hair Salon is located at 2109 W Lincoln Avenue, Suite B.

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