New skate park opening in Union Gap

skate park UG.PNG

UNION GAP, Wash.- Union Gap's new skate park is set to officially open Wednesday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

After a group of kids proposed the park idea to the city council a few months ago, the idea is now a reality.

Tomorrow at 5 p.m. the city will hold a public ribbon cutting at Cahalan Park.

The total cost of the project came to $225,000 dollars with $127,000 from the park reserve fund, $64,000 in community donations, $75,000 from a Tony Hawk grant, and the remainder from marijuana sales tax revenue.

"If we're gunna have marijuana in our community let's take those taxes and put them to a great use. What a better use is to give it to the kids for something fun to do,” said Union Gap’s City Manager, Arlene Fisher.

Fisher says she hopes to see a good turnout tomorrow and for the park to become a great addition to the community.

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