Native man hurt in fight outside Selah bar

Selah fight.PNG

SELAH -- Selah police have confirmed that there was a large fight outside a local sports bar and tavern Saturday night, and that they are investigating.

News of what happened near Pastime in the 100 block of E. Naches Ave. has spread across local social media with claims that a native man was attacked by six white men who told him that "he didn't belong here".

Facebook posts say the man is currently being sent to Harborview Medical Center for treatment.

Family and friends of the injured man tell Action News that Leroy Morningowl was the man involved and is currently hurting but is able to talk.

Selah police tell Action News they haven't charged anyone with a crime due to the fight or assault yet.

According to the Selah Police Dept. several people, have been identified and they are continuing to investigate the matter.

The police also say they plan on having much more to share with the public within the next several days.

This is an active investigation.

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