Lockdowns lifted at multiple Yakima schools Wednesday after suspected threats

    Lockdowns lifted at multiple Yakima schools Wednesday after suspected threats (Photo: Robertson Elementary)

    YAKIMA, Wash. - Authorities say lockdowns at multiple Yakima schools have been lifted Wednesday after unconfirmed threats of violence and bombs.

    The Yakima School District said they were notified around 2 p.m. Wednesday of multiple calls threatening violence at McClure Elementary, Robertson Elementary, Whitney Elementary and MLK Elementary.

    Director of Community and Public Relations for YSD Kirsten Fitterer said the four schools went into a full lockdown. During this lockdown, no teaching was going on at these schools.

    The lockdowns at these schools were since lifted.

    Fitterer said she was notified of similar calls at West Valley schools. West Valley Superintendent Dr. Mike Brophy said Apple Valley and Summitview Elementary schools received anonymous threats to school safety.

    Yakima police and the Yakima County Sheriff's Office responded immediately. Yakima Police Department (YPD) officials said police were investigating a bomb threat made at these schools.

    After a search of the school campuses, Brophy said the schools continued operating as normal.

    YPD spokesperson Randy Beehler tells Action News police also investigated a suspected bomb threat made at Robertson Elementary.

    Students at Summitview, Robertson, McClure and Apple Valley Elementary have been sent home Wednesday afternoon, Beehler said.

    Authorities with YPD want to let the public know there is no need for concern as kids at the schools are reported safe and all lockdowns have been lifted.

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