Icy roads cause multiple collisions in the valley

Icy roads cause multiple collisions in the valley

YAKIMA, Wash.- With the high amounts of rainfall yesterday, cold temperatures created a thick sheet of ice this morning causing several accidents.

"The conditions were really rough this morning, there was a lot of ice covering some of the county and city roads as well as the state highways," Meagan Lott, Spokesperson with the Department of Transportation.

The Department of Transportation has a 24-hour desalting staff that has been battling the ice since 4 a.m. Each truck driver has dumped between 5,000 and 25,000 pounds of salt on our highways.

"In the last 24 hours when the freezing rain started, we did see a few collisions that were caused by the weather conditions," said Sergeant Trent Clasen.

Troopers say compared to last year, there's been fewer crashes caused by the weather. The ones that do happen are caused by drivers going too fast.

"When we see collisions like this it's due to speed, so Washington State Patrol and DOT work together to shut down the roadway, and call in reinforcement to try and remove those vehicles that may be blocking lanes," said Lott.

County roads have been hit the most by the ice today.

"Most of the problems have been on county roads. Where there was a significant amount of ice and the roads were almost impassable," said Clasen

Yakima Country Sheriff's say there has been around two dozen reported collisions, more than the highway and city collisions combined today.

Sergeant Clasen recommends that the community be aware of black ice on all roads for the rest of the week.

"Know the conditions that are out there, know the temperatures, and prepare yourself because the roads are going to be worst than they would be normally," said Clasen.

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