Multiple car windows smashed in West Valley neighborhood

Multiple car windows smashed in West Valley neighborhood

WEST VALLEY, Wash. -- Jose Rodriguez says he heard the sound of glass shattering outside his West Valley home on Saturday night, and when he went outside to check, what he saw was upsetting.

"We didn’t see when they hit the cars with rocks, but we just saw when they were already damaged," said Rodriguez.

He tells Action News a large rock was found thrown through the back window of his son’s Subaru, and glass was everywhere.

He says Yakima Police showed up at his home in a matter of hours, but his neighbor, Michelle Carmichael who lives a few houses down, says she wasn’t as lucky. She says her son’s Subaru was also vandalized. He too, had a large rock thrown through his back window, but she says police have yet to come out and investigate.

"I don’t understand why police officers cannot come out when four cars in the same neighborhood got hit. Isn't that a sign that somebody’s out there doing something wrong?" said Carmichael.

A total of four cars all had their rear windows smashed that night in the neighborhood.

Mike Bastinelli with the Yakima Police Department says unfortunately police aren’t able to respond to every single non-emergency incident, but they do their best.

But Carmichael says because of the lack of response, she’s afraid this will continue to happen.

"Who can we call and what can we do? The police aren’t gonna come out, so obviously its gonna be, ‘Lets go hit more vehicles.’ People are gonna think that, because the cops aren’t coming, because they're short," she said.

Carmichael says they’ll have to pay $600 in insurance deductibles to get her son’s car fixed, and from now on, shes sure of one thing.

"I definitely won't have our cars on the road. We will make arrangements for our vehicles to be on the driveway."

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