Mountaineering classes being offered at Yakima Valley College

courtesy of Chris Mears

YAKIMA Wash. -- If you want to learn how to properly climb a mountain you might want to sign up for Yakima Valley College’s Mountaineering course.

Yakima Valley College will be offering a basic mountaineering course this spring in partnership with Central Washington Mountain Rescue.

President at Central Washington Mountain Rescue Chris Mears says they’re teaching this class because with spring coming along, many people like to go out and hike and they have come across many people getting stuck in mountains.

“Central Washington Mountain Rescue responds to many missions every year where people have gotten themselves into trouble in the alpine environment up on mountains and sometimes they’d get hurt or sometimes they’re just lost and we have to go help them," said Mears.

Mears says students will learn about basic rock climbing, how to set up a top rope, safe methods of snow and glacier travel, rescue techniques and much more.

There will be a fee of $15 to YVC and up to $175 to Central Washington Mountain Rescue.

People can start registering between March 22nd to the 28th.

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