More young entrepreneurs bringing business to Yakima

More young entrepreneurs bringing business to Yakima

YAKIMA, Wash.- Compared to recent years, local business leaders have seen a spike in new companies coming the city. More than a dozen just this year.

Many of the owners being young and also bringing more unique businesses to the area, like one local couple in their late 20s that just opened the only retro video game bar in the city.

"We knew that there was a community for it, and we knew that people were going to be excited when they found it. We just weren't expecting it to be so fast," said owner Kelly Rush.

Owners Philip and Kelly Rush launched Game & Grog on Saturday, and say they couldn't get the drinks out quickly enough.

People can come in and order a Super Princess Peach or other game-themed drinks while playing a childhood favorite video game or game board.

CEO and President of Yakima Chamber of Commerce Verlynn Best says they've noticed many younger entrepreneurs moving to the city.

"This is an opportunity for our young people to dream big. There are opportunities in this valley, and you're seeing that young entrepreneur spirit return to Yakima," said Best.

Best says the new additions have mainly been restaurants and bars and she's expecting even more younger faces to come next year.

"We do a lot of tourism business here so we have a lot of visitors. So learning accommodate everybody, the local and the visitors, there's a need for more business," said Best.

Best says this is the most progressive our economy has been in many years, and says adding more business and getting a new crowd to add a different perspective to the city will do nothing but bring more money and jobs to the community.

"We have the lowest unemployment right now that we've ever had. So that in itself speaks volumes to the businesses healthy and thriving in our community, and that new businesses our hiring people, there's jobs out there," said Best.

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