Miner's Drive-In serves Yakima Valley for 70th year

Photo: Yakima Valley Tourism

YAKIMA, Wash. - A local family owned restaurant here in Yakima is celebrating 70 years of being a landmark in the Valley.

If you’ve been to Yakima you’re most likely familiar with Miner’s Drive – In a restaurant known for their oversized burgers, fries and popular shakes.

Manager of the restaurant David Miner says, they have been serving burgers here in Yakima for decades and people all around the state stop by just to get a bite of their food.

“Just serving good food, big proportions and taking care of your customers in a timely manner makes them come back,” said Miner.

Miner says they first opened in 1948 with only three people his grandpa, grandma and great grandfather.

But he says the restaurant has grown over the years thanks to the loyal employees and customers.

Gabriel Sanchez has been working at Miners for 25 years and he says he loves working there because everybody genuinely cares about each other.

“I would explain it as a family type of environment, everybody here gets along really great you know you work better when you’re happy and the managers and bosses are really great at bringing that out in their employees,” said Sanchez.

Customer Alicia Clayton says her family and she have been going to Miner's since she was a little girl and they have celebrated almost every holiday there.

She says her parents just had their 49th wedding anniversary and they celebrated it at Miner's.

“It’s often sentimental it’s the first place I think of when I’m kind of wanting to hide out and smile and the food is always the same, good,” said Clayton.

Miner says their goal is to make people feel like they are at home and at the same time serve them good quality and big portions of food.

He says he and his family are excited and grateful to the community for the 70 years that Miner’s has been open in the valley.

“Thank you very much you guys are awesome, that's what built this business is loyal customers and we want to thank all of them you know Yakima Valley and beyond that's what has made miner's what it is,” said Miner.

Miner says they are hoping to keep growing, and even open more locations in the future.

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